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Breaking News!

TRace Around

The B.O.B!

Take part in a "world class" .1K road race that starts on one side of "The B.O.B."and finishes on the other.  That's right. We are running halfway around Grand Rapid's favorite "Big Old Building", because the whole way is just too far!  Don't worry, you will be able show everyone what a great athlete you are when you put that .1K sticker on your car - yeah, you're that awesome!  Register by October 26th, and get upgraded from the standard short sleeve race shirt to a super-sweet (and warmer!) long sleeve version. All proceeds from the GR.1K will be donated to the Parent Project in an effort to cure Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

There's More at the Post Race Party!

The 2015 GR.1K will include a post race party that includes "NoodleMania!", a mac-n-cheese sampling, carb festival for the taste buds!  Kids can have fun with "macaroni art" and win prizes for their creativity.  Live Music featuring "In The Red" and "Skankadank" will keep runners shaking their booties all afternoon!   And that is not all!  There will be an "IRON CHEF" competition for 6 lucky racers teamed with Gilmore Collection Chefs to see who can whip up a crazy good pasta dish in 30 minutes! Beer specials will address any rehydration issues while the more refined runner may tasting! Raffles for Great Prizes, 50-50's and more!


Local Restaurants and teams will attempt to gain your favor with their mac-n-cheese creations.  Each registered runner will receive two free mac-n-cheese samples with their race packet.  Additional samples of the cheesy bowls of goodness may be purchased for $1.  Eat ,and vote for your favorites knowing that all the proceeds from NoodleMania will be donated to Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy.

GR.1K - A Race to End Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Mike and DeAnne Friar, are the parents of two boys, Kevin and Kyle, with Duchenne.  Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is the most common fatal genetic disorder diagnosed in childhood, affecting approximately 1 in every 3,500 live male births (about 20,000 new cases each year worldwide). Because the Duchenne gene is found on the X-chromosome, it primarily affects boys; however, it occurs across all races and cultures. Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy’s mission is to end Duchenne: accelerate research, raise our voices in Washington, demand optimal care for all young men, and educate the global community.  Close to a dozen West Michigan families have boys with this deadly disease.

This years race will be limited to 2,000 runners so make sure to register early.  

November 7, 2015

Fifth Third Bank Races to the B.O.B.


2015 GR.1K Races to the B.O.B.

Noon - Saturday November 7, 2015

2015 GR.1K - "Fifth Third Bank Races to End Duchenne"
Date/Time:   Noon, November 7th
Location:      The B.O.B - (The Big Old Building)
                    20 Monroe Ave NW, Grand Rapids MI 49503.
                    Phone 616.356.2000

Race Packet Pick Up Times 

(Late Registration is also available -Cash of Check (payable to PPMD):
Friday 3:30-6:30pm - B.O.B. - 1st Floor (H.O.M.E Bar)
Saturday 9am -11:30am B.O.B - 1st Floor (H.O.M.E Bar)

Saturdays Event Schedule:
9am          B.O.B Opens for Business and Pre-Hydration!
9:15am     Macaroni Art Contest - B.O.B. - H.O.M.E Bar - 1st Floor (ends 11:30)
Noon        GR.1K
12:15pm   GR.1K Post Race Party!  - The B.O.B
                     - NoodleMania! Sampling - 2nd Floor.
                     - Beer Specials, Wine Tasting (tickets for purchase)
                     - Art Contest Voting
12:30pm    Live Music featuring

                     - "In The Red" - "The Lounge" -2nd Floor

                     - Skankadank - H.O.M.E. Bar - 1st Floor

12:45pm    Kids Activities -

                      - Video Games - Bob's Brewery - Basement

                      -Pool and Ping Pong - 2nd Floor
1pm          GR.1K Trophy Presentations - "The Lounge"  2nd Floor
1:30pm     NoodleMania Iron Chef -  3rd Floor
2pm          Art Contest Winners Announced - Bobarino's 2nd Floor

2:30pm     Uno Contest - Kids and Families - Bob's Brewery - Basement
3pm          Iron Chef and Team Winners Announced
5pm          NoodleMania Winners Announced - Bobarino'

Race Photos and Sponsors!

GR.1K Training Tips!

with David Dyer & Kevin Yon

Friar Fight

to End Duchenne

RUnner Registration Details!

 Runner (Over 21) - $30  Registration Includes: 

   - Short Sleeve Race Shirt

   - Race Bib

   - GR.1K Oval Car Sticker

   - 2 NoodleMania Sample Tickets

   - Beer Specials - $1 Value Beers, $3 B.O.B Beers

   - Live Bands Featuring "In The Red" and "Skankadank"

 Runner (Under 21/College) - $15  Registration 

   - Short Sleeve Race Shirt
   - Race Bib

   - GR.1K Oval Car Sticker
   - 2 NoodleMania Sample Tickets

   - Live Music

   - Macaroni Art Contest & Activities for Younger Runners


 Ghost Runner - Long Sleeve Race Pack - $30: 
  Can't make the race?  We'll Ship You a Race Pack!
   - Long Sleeve Race Shirt   (Register by November 1st!)
   - Race Bib
   - GR.1K Oval Car Sticker
   - Free Shipping to anywhere in the US

 Ghost Runner - Short Sleeve Race Pack - $20: 
  Can't make the race?  We'll Ship You a Race Pack!
   - Short Sleeve Race Shirt   (Register by November 7th)
   - Race Bib
   - GR.1K Oval Car Sticker
   - Free Shipping to anywhere in the US!


  New This Year! - Team Prizes!  

  - Biggest Team! Best Name! Most Creative Concept!

   On the Registration page you will be able to......

            *  FORM A TEAM

            * JOIN A TEAM